About Karla

When did you learn how to sew and who taught you?

I started sewing as a young girl. I was in 4-H and learned to make items for Fashion Revue with the help from our leaders. It was both out of necessity and love. When I competed on my horse in the western shows through 4-H, I made all my riding outfits. 

What was the first item you created?

I really don't remember the first thing I made, but I imagine it was probably a skirt or something like that.

How did you get into aprons?

I started making aprons primarily as a flight attendant. My coworkers and I would wear fun ones for the different destinations, so I thought why not make them and sell them to my flight attendant friends.

How long have you been doing this?

I have been in the crafting business I would guess about 10 years now. Only the last couple of years have I really tried make it into a business. This year I decided to take the big plunge. I bought a top end embroidery/sewing machine to start creating custom pieces.

Why do you craft and create aprons?

I continue to sew aprons, as I have so much fun coming up with both the front and back side combinations. I love to see the joy it gives people when they put on a fun apron while they are working in the kitchen, or where-ever they may be wearing it. You could say that sewing is my passion.

Not only do I sew for a business, but I do a fair share of charity sewing as well. I make knit hats for patients with cancer, aprons for a day-care center, a variety of "fidgets" for the Autism Society as well as costuming for a non-profit theatre company. As my husband always says, "you are disappearing into your cave."

I could spend all day "playing" with material.